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Corrugated Metal Roofing and Siding

We have several different grades of material. Prices listed are subject to change and availability; please contact us for current pricing.

Levels Available

Generally there are three different levels available: 

Mill Ends

The least expensive of the three, Mill Ends typically only comes in 16' lengths and colour is not an option.  Mill Ends are best described by the name itself.  At the mill they are the ends of the roll. They can have large scratches or dints and inconsistent paint.  This level is most commonly used when cosmetics is not a factor.

White Liner Panel

We stock lengths from 6' right up to 18' in even two foot increments. This inexpensive sheeting is a great option to brighten up the inside of any structure.

Seconds and B+

This is usually the middle of the road as far as price and quality.  These sheets do not carry a warranty on them but have the same paint and steel as the warrantied products.  Color is consistent, but some light scratches and small creases can be common. Most often you have a hard time seeing any difference from #1 grade.  The most common product that we sell, Seconds and B+ are widely used in commercial and residential applications.  Lengths available run between 6' and 18' sheets.  Please call to find out what colours and lengths we currently have in stock.

40 Year #1 Grade

As the name suggests, this is our premier product.  We do carry some of this material in stock, but most often it comes cut to your desired length factory direct.