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  • Won’t absorb moisture, which can freeze and block all ventilation
  • Easy install by just one person
  • 40 year limited warranty
  • ASTM E 84 tested


Ease of installation

1 size fits most panels. Easy one man, two step installation. Comes in easy-to-handle 10-foot rolls (mirroring most ridge cap lengths). Can be easily cut with scissors or utility knife. Double bead of M63 adhesive holds product in place until ridge cap is installed.

High quality means durability

Made of extremely durable tear-, flame-, and clog-resistant polyester. Due to rubber texture won’t scratch roof panels. Helps prevent insect, animal and snow infiltration. Non-clogging. Building code compliant. 99% recovery after compression. 40 year limited warranty.


Cost is less than many other options. So durable, you can forget about replacement costs anytime soon.