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Yeti Guard™

Yeti Guard


  • Highest quality polycarbonate material provides optimal strength
  • Reinforced struts for additional holding power
  • 1.5” base will fit 95+% of roof panels
  • UV resistant


Yeti Guard™ is the practical, low-cost and aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem of sliding snow and ice off of metal roofing.

Featuring a low profile, the forward mounted 3″ x 5″ snow guard is virtually invisible, UV resistant, and fits most roof panels without rib straddling. Yeti Guards can be mechanically fastened with Marco’s QuikGrip metal to wood fasteners, QuikDrill metal to metal fasteners or adhered with Surebond SB-190 adhesive.

And, unlike other snow guards, Yeti Guard is made out of highest quality polycarbonate material with reinforced struts, for additional holding power. Yeti is made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty. Order with other Marco Weather-Tite™ products today to meet the low minimums required for free shipping.