Metal Roofing and Siding Accessories




  • Eliminate tear-off
  • Easy to install
  • No more warped wood firring
  • Cost comparable to wood, plus increases profitability
  • Won’t rot, corrode, or crease metal


Eliminates tear-off

Use RE2 as a spacer system in place of wood so you can install the new metal roof directly on top of RE2.

Provides air flow and ventilation

Retro-Ease spacers allow air flow and ventilation between the old composition roof and the new metal roof.

Lightweight yet durable

RE2 is manufactured with high density cross-linked polyethylene foam which makes it lightweight, but won’t rot or corrode metal.

Won't warp like wood firring

Wood spacers warp and cause metal roofing to crease. RE2 will not warp.

Easy to handle, easy to install

Your crew will get the re-roofing job done faster, easier, and safer with RE2.


At a price comparable to wood spacers and so fast and easy to install, RE2 is extremely cost-effective.